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Get Your Train On!

At Taps Fitness we believe that you should live the life that you want! Here at Taps Fitness we believe that you should enjoy what you want to do in life without regrets. A balanced lifestyle is the key to giving you what you want. 

We understand that you maybe need help to get to that point so we offer a range of services that can help with your needs. From Personal Training, Group Training, Physiotherapy, Remedial Massage and Nutrition. 

Giving you these options allow you to help you reach and maintain a balance in your life where you can enjoy living the life you want!


Why Taps Fitness?

Get Your Train On!

We are the one stop shop. We offer a number of different services and therefore you don't have to look further when it comes to your health and fitness. 

  • Personal Training - Giving you individualised programs and working one on one with one of our Fitness Coaches to help you reach your health and fitness.

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  • Taps Fitness Group (T.F.G)- Join our group classes that work on functional training using strength, endurance and speed in our workouts. 

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  • Wellness Centre - You can work with one of our therapist who can work specifically with any health issues you may have. Physiotherapy, Remedial Massage and Nutritionists all available. 

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