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The history behind our group training is created from the 3 pillars of Training. Strength, Endurance and Speed. In ancient times , there were 3 Army's that dominated the land and were run by fierce leaders who each believed that they're style of training made their Army's the best.


  Neah - Endurance

Raiden- Speed

Henry- Strength

T.F.G has based their training around these Army's methods. As time passes new Army's begin and we will introduce other training methods that they created. 

Our First workouts will stem from these 3 Leaders. Workouts will either be one or more components of the 3 pillars of Training. Each session will have a theme, its up to you which you choose to attend. 

Keep Up with Neah

Neah built her army on Endurance. You had to be able to go the distance otherwise you wouldn't survive. Her training methods ranged from 45sec-3min intervals. Pacing yourself is the key to survival. 

Rapid raiden

Raiden believed that if you were fast, then no one could catch you. His Army was known for speed and power. His training methods ranged from 20-60sec of intense work. Work fast and hard was their moto. 

Henry's Soldiers

Henry's Soldiers based his training on Strength. Believing that strength training was the only way to dominate. Their training methods were made to conquer and believed that brut strength was the key to rule. 


The Fantom  was rarely seen. He came out only during important battles. His Army was lead by by his general 'Furious'. Only when they went into important battles, Fantom would show face. You always knew you were in for surprise when Fantom arrived. 


T & T ruled their army in pairs. Team work was the key to the success of the their army. You are not alone in battle, and there is always someone there to help you along. 

Bring a friend or we'll find one for you. 


Jet had fists of fury. Jet was known for the speed and the power of his hands. His Army was built on using their hands from here they became very good boxers. Jet is all about boxing and learning how to use your hands to build strength, speed and power. 

Run with Eli

Eli conquered by jumping from country to country. They would steal from the rich and give to the poor. How did they do this? They would run. Known for running endurance, Eli could only take those who enjoyed running as they couldn't stay in one place for too long. Love to run? then Run with Eli


Keep an eye for what is coming soon.


Keep an eye for what is coming soon.


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