Starlight Foundation Fundraiser

$25 for a personal training session with 100% of the proceeds being donated directly to the Starlight foundation


Taps Fitness is looking to make a difference in young people's lives by raising funds to the Starlight Children's Foundation. Starlight are a wonderful organization that help bring a smile to kids dealing with pain, fear and stress of being sick and unwell. 

Please help us raise some money for the Starlight Children's Foundation by coming down to Taps Fitness between 24th and 29th of May. Get a 30 minute workout in and give money to kids who need a smiling face and a hand in getting through a tough time in their young lives.

To find out more about the Starlight Children's Foundation visit:

To book a workout for the fundraiser email: or call/text 0401 639 528

If you already workout with us then ask your trainer how to get on board.

You can also inquire below and mention the Starlight Fundraiser, below.

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