Ready for Summer

6 Week Challenge

6 Week Challenge Kicks of Monday October 19th

Our Summer Challenge is here and ready for you to kick some goals to get you ready for Summer. Our 6 Week Challenge is a great way to bring in some focus leading into the holiday season and help you get on top of your health and fitness goals. Our challenge is here to help you get yourself on track and help you with a wide range of areas regarding your health and fitness. If you would like to get yourself ready for Summer then jump in today and get started.  

What's the purpose? 

The purpose of our Ready for Summer Challenge is to give you some focus for 6 weeks so that you can build some good habits and learn about managing your lifestyle over the Summer period. It's also a great way to shed some excess winter weight that you might want to get rid of. 

Is this Challenge for you? 


Our 6 week program is designed for all levels of fitness. If you want to build muscle, lose weight, tone or just even maintain where you are. 


This is a great challenge for designed to help you with your health and fitness goals. There will be many others in the challenge with similar focus and goals so it's a great opportunity for you to bring some focus in on what you want to achieve.  

What you get as part of the Challenge:

  • Unlimited access to our TFG Group Classes

  • 6 week Nutrition plan with recipes and guidance

  • Full Inbody Scan in Week 1 and Week 6

  • Fitness and Strength Testing in Week 1 and Week 6

  • Exclusive Access to our Facebook Group

  • Weekly Emails and Updates

  • Taps Fitness Singlet

  • Weekly Challenges and Prizes

  • End of Challenge Celebration

Important Dates
Inbody Scans and Fitness Testing
Week 1 - Oct 17th - 7am Start
Week 6 - Nov 28th - 7am Start
First Training Day 
Monday Oct 19th 
End of Celebration 
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