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Kick Start  

8 Week Challenge

Kick Start 8 Week Challenge Kicking off Feb 1st 

Let's start 2021 on the right foot. Kicking off the new year with new goals, new challenges and a new way to help you reach your 2021 health and fitness goals. Our 8 week challenge is here to help you kick start the year and help you get the ball rolling for 2021. Our Challenge is here to bring you some focus on your goals and guide you over the 8 weeks to bring focus on your training, your nutrition and your mindset to keep you going for 2021. 

What's the purpose? 

Our kick start challenge will help you with your health and fitness goals for 2021 and make sure you have the right plans in place to help you reach your goals. This challenge is about you! What you want to achieve, we want to help you reach those goals for 2021. 

Do you have your goals for 2021? 


Our 8 week program is designed for everyone who has a health and fitness goal for 2021. If you don't have one and want help then this is the challenge for you. 

If you want some focus and need guidance to help you reach your goals then this is the challenge for you. Individual fitness testing and scans as well as weekly check ins from our trainers to help you stay on track are some of the ways we will helping you throughout the challenge. 

If you're ready then sign up today!

What you get as part of the Challenge:

  • Unlimited access to our TFG Group Classes (over 20 classes a week)

  • Saturday Morning Sessions for our PT Clients

  • 8 week Nutrition plan with recipes and guidance

  • Full Inbody Scan in Week 1 and Week 8

  • Individual Fitness and Strength Testing in Week 1 and Week 8

  • Exclusive Access to our Facebook Group

  • Weekly Emails and Updates

  • Taps Fitness Singlet

  • Weekly Challenges and Prizes* Please note that only Taps Fitness members can win prizes and awards. 

  • End of Challenge Celebration

Important Dates
Inbody Scans and Individual Fitness Testing
Week 1 - Jan 30th - 7am Start
Week 8 - Mar 27th - 7am Start
First Training Day 
Monday Feb 1st  
End of Celebration 
Ready to Sign Up? 
Chose your Payment Option
We have options for those who only want to train Saturday morning and still want to be part of the challenge. 
Weekly Saver
49.95 per Week 
  • Unlimited Access to our Taps Fitness Group Classes

  • Taps Fitness Singlet

  • Inbody Scan

  • Easy Weekly Payments

Pay in Full
299.95 upfront 
  • Unlimited Access to our Taps Fitness Group Classes

  • Taps Fitness Singlet

  • Inbody Scan

  • Save $100 if you Pay in Full

Saturday Saver
180.0 Upfront
  • 8 x Saturday Morning sessions

  • Taps Fitness Singlet

  • Inbody Scans and Fitness testing

  • Weekly Emails 

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