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TFG Workouts

The history behind our group training is created from the 4 pillars of Training: Strength, Endurance,Speed and Power. In ancient times, there were several Army's that dominated the land and were run by fierce leaders who each believed that they're style of training made their Army's the best.







T.F.G has based their training around these Army's methods. As time passes new Army's begin and we will introduce other training methods that they created. 

Our First workouts will stem from these 4 Leaders ( Neah, Raiden, Henry and Alfie). Workouts will either be one or more components of the 4 pillars of Training. Each session will have a theme, its up to you which you choose to attend.


We have over 20 classes from you to chose from between Monday and Saturday. Included in our classes are Pilates classes that are run by our physiotherapist. 

Click on the link below to purchase a 7 day free pass so that you can view  our timetable and select the classes you would like to attend. 


Keep Up With Neah

Neah built her army on Endurance. You had to be able to go the distance otherwise you wouldn't survive. Her training methods ranged from 45sec-3min intervals. Pacing yourself is the key to survival.

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